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Exclusive savings, bargains and deals are offered to members of The Clymb. Outdoor sports like climbing can be a lot of fun, and be rewarding physically, spiritually and mentally; however, those who are seeking an enjoyable experience will want to have the right type of equipment that will be able to provide them with the type of tools needed to combat diverse ranges of weather and environmental conditions.

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The Clymb Review:

There are numerous different types of gears, apparels and equipment available for different sports and activities. Outdoor gear can be rather expensive; however, with the help of The Clymb, online consumers will be able to easily find the deals and savings needed to make enjoying outdoor sports and activities affordable, especially since many of their savings will reach 70% off of the original price. Founded in 2009 in Portland, Oregon, The Clymb delivers member-exclusive 72 hour sales event on top outdoor gear brands and equipment in order for online consumers to obtain the best experience possible. The items that they have on sale are hand-picked by some of their experienced outdoor enthusiasts and veterans. Membership is free although at times it is closed in order to provide members with the ability to pick and choose the gears, equipment and apparels that they want. Since the sales events only last for 72 hours or less, the inventory available at The Clymb is constantly changing allowing for online consumers to experience a wider diversity of products.

The Clymb is able to offer amazing savings and discounts since they establish a private member network. Information given to the site will be protected and will not be misused at any time. It is kept confidential and used solely for identification purposes. The Clymb only offers authentic products; however, they are able to negotiate pricing based on the volume of the available inventory that dealers have. The Clymb will swoop up last minute deals and get the products to their consumers in an efficient manner. This allows for The Clymb to offer amazing deals and savings that other companies can’t.

The Clymb membership can be rather exclusive at times depending on the season and the amount of members who are actively visiting the site. While they open up membership at times, most of the time, membership will require a friend invitation. This means that those who want to join The Clymb will have to get other members to invite them into the private member network. With this in mind, those who do not have any friends registered with The Clymb will be able to sign up for the waiting list, and wait until registration opens again. There are benefits to inviting one’s friends. For example, those who invite their friends will be able to get $10 credited to their account when their friends make their first purchase. It takes 48 hours from time of shipment for credit to post in one’s account.

Since paying online can be a huge concern for some, The Clymb will ensure that their site is protected at all times with a secure encryption available in order to prevent any misuse or alteration of credit card information that is in their hands. They accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express only, and those who are wary of inputting their credit card information online will be able to contact customer service support in order to place their orders.

One of the negatives, which can also be seen as a positive, of The Clymb is that it is impossible to know what is in stock. Their inventory is constantly changing, and due to the nature of their business, those who miss out on a sale will not be able to purchase that item after it is gone from the inventory. This means that online consumers will have to make quick decisions and swoop up the deals before time runs out. Due to this reason, exchanges cannot be made as well. The Clymb will either provide a refund or credit to one’s account if an item is unable to satisfy the consumer’s needs. Returned items must be unused, unworn and in their original packaging. It is important to check out the return policy on the site as some restrictions do apply, and some items cannot be returned. This will include accessories, bags, skis, swimwear and more. For sanitary reasons, water bottles cannot be refunded as well, and all purchased are final sale. Due to this reason, The Clymb is able to offer a wider range of products and brands.

The sales events that are available on The Clymb are organized into different categories. For example, there are men sales event where men are able to purchase equipment and apparel that they are interested in that are on sale. It is important to note that there are limited amounts of quantity available, and at times, some products will be out of stock. The different sales events will be organized based on the type of products that are being sold, the gender that the products are for or the type of activities that the equipment will be able to fall into. Those who are interested in the sales event will be able to subscribe to email updates and get information regarding the type of sales events that are coming up. Each of the sales events will have a timer at the bottom to indicate the amount of time available before the sale ends.

One of the main benefits of purchasing items from The Clymb is being exempt from sales tax. Since The Clymb is located in Oregon, all purchases will be exempt from any type of sales tax regardless of where the consumers may reside in. This can help many consumers save a lot more money as well, especially if they are making a large purchase.

Shipping is a main concern for most consumers. The Clymb ships with FedEx, and most consumers will be able to expect their orders within two to four weeks of purchase. Free shipping is available if consumers are able to exceed a certain amount. If not, a flat rate between $0.98 and $7.98 will be charged for all orders. The fee being charged will depend on the type of package that is being shipped, the weight of the package, the shipping features that are associated with the package, among many other factors. The Clymb only ships to addresses in the United States of America, and they provide tracking with all of their shipments as well. Tracking is an added security measure for consumers as they will be able to track and locate where their package is at all times.

The Clymb is definitely an interesting and innovative way of shopping while saving money on top brands and equipment. They have numerous different types of sales events that start every day, and their members are able to easily find the type of products that they are seeking with discounts of up to 70% off. For even greater savings, check out, they have some of the most updated coupons available. With no sales tax added to the purchase, consumers are able to save a lot of money by becoming a member, and by following the different sales events that are available. The Clymb is able to offer a wide range of different brands and gears.

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