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With over 20 years of experience, RockCreek is considered as one of the largest and oldest online companies that carries outdoor gears for a diverse range of sports and activities. Although they mostly specialize in footwear and have many deals surrounding footwear, they offer a huge inventory filled with different types of gears and apparels from top quality brands. In addition, they are able to offer two different sections – an original site, and an outlet version which has more deals and savings available. They also have an informative blog that provides expert opinion on different types of gears and equipment along with different tips and tricks on how to enjoy the outdoors or implement different techniques and methods for a more enjoyable experience.

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Rock Creek Review

Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, RockCreek is an independent specialty outdoor store that has been ranked as the Online Retailer of the Year by Backpacker Magazine & SNEWS in 2009. They were also ranked as one of the “Top 25 Outdoor Retailers” in 2008 and 2009. They are not only a company as they are also a leader in the environmental stewardship program with an aim to improve access to the backcountry. They host annual events like the StumpJump 50K Trail Race, and they are also a part of the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance. The Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is a group of independent online outdoor gear stores who have come together to dedicate their efforts in facilitating a performance-oriented market. They also help to protect and sustain the environment with conservative projects.

RockCreek is a unique online outdoor gear store as they strive to make a strong environmental statement. They have committed themselves to make a positive impact on the environment, and they are constantly raising money to fund conservative projects. For example, they have rebuilt a bridge in order to provide access to a trail system running along Rock Creek. RockCreek also strongly places an importance on recycling and reducing one’s impact on the environment. They lead by example by implementing different techniques and methods into their business design in order to obtain better results that will lessen the harm done on the environment.

Being able to provide top quality brands at a low price is one of the main goals of RockCreek, and they offer both an original store location and an outlet location for online consumers to attain the type of products that they are seeking. All of the products are organized into their separate categories based on the type of sport or activity that the product falls into, and while some of the newly released items in the original store are on sale as well, the outlet is able to provide additional savings and discounts that will be able to help online consumers save even more money.

RockCreek carries products for men, women, children and even for pets as well. They recognize that pets are an important part of one’s family, and a lot of outdoor outings are simply not complete without our furry little friends. RockCreek offers not only gears and apparels, but also food supplies, supplements, and electronics. While some consumers believe that no electronics should be used when spending time in the wild, some electronics like GPS systems can come in handy at times, and should be added into the emergency kit. In fact, the electronics may end up to be a lifesaving equipment to have on hand.

One of the main benefits of RockCreek is that they offer a simple recycling program. Those who are interested in shipping their used sandals back to the company will be able to receive a discount on the Chaco sandals that they are interested in purchasing. This program is especially useful since it will be able to recycle some of the used sandals and divert them to people in need instead of the landfills. RockCreek will be able to use these sandals for recycling purposes as well. This is beneficial to not only the environment, but also to the online consumers who have used sandals that they want to get rid of.

RockCreek attempts to stay in contact with their online consumers by having a public blog and by creating a platform on Facebook. They are always open to new suggestions, and they are constantly looking for opinions regarding how to improve the services that they provide.

RockCreek offers free shipping on orders that are over $49, and they also place a strong emphasis on being able to provide high quality customer service support that will be able to answer all inquiries regarding not only the company’s policy, but also the different products that the company has in stock. A customer service representative can be contacted either through the phone or through the live chat support system available on the site.

100% satisfaction is guaranteed when shopping on RockCreek, and consumers who are not satisfied with their purchase will be able to ship it back to the company within 30 days of purchase in order to get a refund. Returning an item is extremely easy as no return merchandise authorization number is needed. All returned items need to be in their original packaging. It is important to take note that climbing equipment, swimwear, and underwear cannot be returned for hygienic reasons. Items come with warranty as well, and consumers may want to consider contacting the warranty department in order to gain more information regarding the type of warranty that they have on each item in their purchase.

Online consumers looking for great deals and a one-stop shop location with all of the equipment and gear needed to have an enjoyable outdoor experience will love what RockCreek has to offer. Not only are they able to offer an amazing selection of different types of products, but the company is able to offer amazing customer service support catered to the needs of the consumers. RockCreek participates in many different types of conservative projects, and they are constantly looking for new ways to reduce their impact on the environment and new ways to help out as well. They are a well-established company with strong roots, and they definitely have a good reputation on the market with numerous happy returning consumers.

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