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These sports have proven themselves to be so appealing that many companies have popped up selling all sorts of different apparel products. OMCgear is one such site that sells these products for people to take a look at.

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Ongoing Website

OMCgear is a website that sells many different products dedicated to the world of winter sports and other outdoor activities. The site is run with an easy to use interface and a large selection of products. The section also features a number of different products that are on sale through either special discounts or through a variety of coupon codes listed directly on the site.

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OMCgear is a Portland, Oregon-based business that is dedicated to helping people out with getting access to the best possible outdoor sports apparel they can use. The site is arranged with several sections dedicated to giving people the best products they can use.

The product sells items from dozens of different brand names. These include several names that have become famous among outdoor sports and camping enthusiasts. Customers can find products from such brands as Adidas, Black Diamond, Easton, G3, K2, Osprey, Patagonia, Sterling, Timberland and Woolrich. The products can even be found based on brand name by looking at the “Brands” section of the front page.

The arrangement of this website features a design that includes a variety of different places for people to use when finding gear for sale.


The site features a full snow sports section that includes a large selection of skiing products. The site is evenly divided between alpine and Nordic skiing. Snowshoes are also found in the snow sports section. These are designed in many sizes including some larger ones that are thirty-six inches in length.

Climbing & Mountaineering

This section sells rock climbing shoes in many sizes as well as the necessary equipment needed for climbing. These include such valuable items as carabiners, pulleys, ascenders and protective items like helmets. Everything provided on the site includes many unique items made to give people quality items for use.

The mountaineering section is for those who want to climb colder surfaces. This section sells many of the products found in the traditional climbing spot as well as ice axes.


Camping products are included in their own specific section. Camping gear of all sorts is included with sections available for tents, backpacks, water filters and poles. Safety products like knives and first aid kits are also available for sale. There is even a camping kitchen section that features heaters, pots and even a few foods for use.


Travel products are also available from brands like Osprey, the North Face and Eagle Creek. The site sells sacks, totes and other items that can be used in different outdoor areas.


A few clothing sections are also included on the site. The sections feature options for men and women including more than just outside clothes. It also offers a number of different protective and insulating clothing sections. These include products like thermal underwear for cold weather conditions.


The footwear section is also arranged in sections for men and women. These include spots that sell items that are compatible with crampons, products with removable liners and items that can be slipped on as needed.

The search bar on the left side of the section particularly gives people an easier time with finding products based on the specific things that they want to get out of them. In fact, this search bar can be found on every single individual page on this site. This gives plenty of different ideas for what people might use on the site.

Appealing Deals

People who come to the website can find a number of discounts on many products. These include deals on individual items for the most part. The options will vary based on the sale offer but at the same time there are also cases where coupon codes may be added. In fact, the website even lists details on its coupon codes directly at the front part of the website.

There’s also an Outlet section of the site. This section includes a number of different products on the clearance market as well as some overstocked products. These are items that include deals of fifty percent or more on different products. In fact, the site includes just about every single different type of product that is available for use. It makes it interesting for anyone to see when finding quality products.

In addition, people can get some additional discounts for shipping. Customers are able to get free shipping on orders of $50 or more. This is a popular deal for most products available for sale. This offer is used for standard ground shipping in most spots that the website serves.

Returning Items

The final thing to see about OMCgear is the way how returns can be taken care of. A customer can get a return covered by having anything new brought in for a full refund. This is provided that the original packaging and tags are still intact as the return process is being used. This may be useful considering how there are never any guarantees that the size someone orders off of a site is appropriate for that person’s particular needs.

Climbing equipment, sleeping bags and underwear or swimwear products are not available for returns. This is due to the store’s safety policy. However, this does end up helping the customer in the long run because it makes sure that the quality of any of these products will be perfect as someone gets one of these products.

The products on OMCgear are appealing items that make for great experiences while heading outdoors. The site sells a number of different items for all sorts of needs including items for snow events and climbing activities. It is all made with a number of deals on different products.

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