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Families with pets will love what Altrec has to offer. Unlike other outdoor gear stores that are available, Altrec offers supplies, equipment, gears and apparel for pets that are taken along on the trip as well as they believe that parts are a major part of the family. Founded in 1997, Altrec is considered as one of the more established online companies backed up by a team of well-experienced athletes and veterans who are interested in being able to stock their site with the largest variations of high quality products possible.

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“What’s Your Adventure?” – North Face at Altrec Video
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Altrec Review

The main motto behind Altrec revolves around the fact that spending more time in the outdoors can offer numerous amazing benefits in regards to one’s spiritual and mental stability as related to reflecting upon one’s life, one’s satisfaction with their quality of living, and one’s ability to discover an alternative aspect to humanity. They offer a wide selection of high quality apparels, gears, and equipment needed for a variety of different outdoor sports and activities. The Altrec site is separated into three different sections – the original site, the outlet site, and a professional site filled with expert opinion, how-to articles, videos, and more. The original site carries a large selection of new releases with some sales involved as well. The outlet site has amazing discounts and deals that will be able to help online consumers attain the savings that they have been seeking on some of the top brands available. Both of these sections will have the products organized in different categories related to the sport and activity that the gear and equipment is suitable for. The great outdoors section of the site is filled with expert opinion and informative pieces on a variety of different types of sports and activities. Beginners and experienced enthusiasts will be able to attain information regarding hiking, climbing, cycling, paddling, running, snow sports, photography, travel, and more. New articles and pieces are updated on a regular basis. They also offer a comprehensive list of actual first-person stories, and different types of e-books as well. Altrec strives to provide the necessary knowledge needed to have a good experience.

All of the items that are available in Altrec are organized in their own respective categories. Online consumers will be able to shop by gender, age group, and brand or by the type of sport or activity that they will be participating in. Each sport category is then separated into gear type as well. The products will come with photographs. By clicking on the product, online consumers are able to see how the product will look on models. In addition, online consumers will be able to read detailed descriptions on the product, find unique specifications, learn different tips in regards to the product, view numerous other photographs regarding the product in different angles, and also either view an overall of the reviews that were given or delve even further and read individual reviews. One of the main benefits of reading individual reviews is being able to know the gender and the age of the person reviewing the product along with the terrain that the equipment was used in. This is particularly helpful as different age groups and genders may have different expectations and needs. In addition, by being able to conceptualize the area where the product was used, online consumers will be able to compare their surrounding environment to the reviewer’s surrounding environment to gain a better understanding of the relationship between the two and whether the product will be suitable for their needs.

One of the main benefits of Altrec will revolve around the fact that they are able to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to their consumers. Not only will they be able to provide world-class service, exceptionally fast delivery, and also straightforward buying experience and advice, but they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a no-questions asked refund policy. Their refund policy involves a lifetime satisfaction guarantee on everything that is in stock in their company. They also have an unlimited returns policy meaning that they will refund purchased in full at any time. They will bend over backwards to satisfy the needs of their consumers, and they will also be able to provide expert advice on which gear to choose.

Returning the products purchased from Altrec is exceptionally simple and easy. Consumers will want to go into their account and find the order that they wish to return. Print a packing list, and pack the items inside a package and ship it with insurance with a carrier of the consumer’s choice. This will allow for many consumers to easily attain the refunds that they are seeking. Those who need additional information will be able to contact the customer service support department for a Return Merchandise Authorization number.

Altrec offers several different payment methods. They accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. All of the credit card information will be inputted in a secure and encrypted site that will protect any misuse or alteration of information that is in the hands of Altrec. They have also currently expanded their payment methods to accept PayPal as well. Those who are wary of paying online will be able to contact customer service, and a representative will be happy to place the orders for the consumers. A live chat option is also available for those who are interested in being able to contact a customer service support representative as well. Altrec ensures that consumers will be able to easily obtain the support needed for an enjoyable shopping experience.

Last but not least, Altrec has a price policy in place. If the company places an item that was purchased on sale within 10 days after the item was bought, they will happily refund the difference. Consumers will have to ensure that the item placed on sale is the same size and color as the one purchased in order to obtain a price difference from the company. The offer does not apply to those who used gift cards.

Altrec has an actual retail location available for consumers, but their online site is a bigger convenience as consumers will be able to quickly filter through the stock that they have available, and also find deals that they are interested in. Altrec offers numerous quality articles filled with helpful information, and they carry top brands that will be able to provide the type of equipment and gear needed to obtain the outdoor experience being sought. They are an established company with numerous amounts of years of experience under their belt, and they work hard to ensure that their consumers are able to easily obtain the advice, service and equipment needed to have an enjoyable experience both physically and mentally.

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