Hiking Gear – What You Will Need

People who head out onto the hiking trial should make sure that they get only the best gear for the trip. The best hiking gear can come in many forms and will relate to all sorts of different outdoor activities that people can engage in while they are on the trail.


Backpacks are often used in hiking to store everything that a person has to carry around while on the trail. The big part of backpacks is that they have to contain more than just enough space to make sure that everything a person needs is stored properly. They also have to be designed with nothing but the most durable arrangements.

A typical backpack will feature about fifteen hundred cubic inches of space or more. It will also be designed with a polyester body to keep the entire area strong and less likely to wear out after a period of time.

These backpacks are usually made by companies like High Sierra, Everest and Columbia. The key is to focus on backpacks that are made with hiking needs in mind instead of just going for any particular kind of backpack.

Hydration Products

Hydration products are particularly useful so people who are on the hiking trail can stay healthy. Water bottles and filters are useful but it is particularly important to find water purification products that may be used to keep water from any source clean.

Water purification products often include microfilters from companies like Hydro Photon, MSR and Katadyn. These products are used by adding UV light purification items used to kill off bacteria or multiple filtration steps to keep harmful items from getting in the way of water.


Trekking poles are items used in hiking to help people make their way through high elevations or through high inclines. These are made like skiing poles in that they feature tall and slender designs used to make them easy to carry and use. In fact, these trekking poles can be made with non-slip posts supported by aluminum shafts. This is to make these poles easier to use while also keeping the person from having to carry too much weight when using these.

First Aid

First aid products should be used while hiking as well. These are used to protect the body from any serious problems that might occur while hiking. Bandages that are used to support blood clotting may be used for the most part. Antibiotic ointments can also be used to help treat open wounds in an area. There are even some packages that include nylon cords, a firestarter and even pain medicine.

People can traditionally find these hiking first aid products from companies like Adventure Medical. The key is to find a package that is made with all the necessary items that someone might require. The items should be sterile before use and sealed properly so nothing can get in the way of how they work if they are ever needed.


Trail maps are also needed when hiking. A quality trail map should include a topographical look at the entire area that someone might be traveling in. This should include details on what areas are of interest around a spot plus recommended paths for traveling and where to avoid.

An amazing part of these maps is that they can be found for all sorts of major hiking destinations around the country. For example, National Geographic has maps that involve many trails around the Rocky Mountains with a few specific maps dedicated to particular areas including the Grand Teton National Park and the Yellowstone National Park. This might be useful for those who want to help out to very specific parts of these local areas.

The retailers that offer these products include a number of top name companies. It should be relatively easy to find products from traditional outdoorsman shops like Backcountry, REI and Cabela’s just to name a few.

Hiking gear can be exciting and useful for anyone when it comes to traveling around the many outdoor areas that people can get into. This kind of gear should be made with a series of strong items used to give anyone a better time with enjoying different travels in a number of beautiful spots in many places around the world.